The club holds 13 competition outings to various venues in Central Scotland each season from April to September; flyfishing only from boats. Pairings for outings are allocated by the competition secretary, which allows members to get to know each other and also, possibly, helps their chances of success.

The purpose of the club is to promote the sport of fly fishing for trout. We do this within a friendly club setting and strive to maintain the history and traditions of our club


The club was formed in 1878 at a time when fly fishing for, in those days, only brown trout, was a gentleman’s sport pursued mainly by the business community, who had the time and resources to indulge themselves. For almost a 100 years this involved a journey, by train, from Dundee West Station to Loch Leven which was famous for its brown trout and the sport to be had. Unfortunately trout fishing at Loch Leven has declined badly since then, however other top quality venues have emerged and the introduction of rainbow trout has had a profound effect on the development of fly fishing and the opportunity to participate. The challenges and rewards, however, are still the same as when the original club was formed

Many of the trophies for our competitions are historic artefacts from the early ears of the club, providing a link with the past We also take part in  inter club competitions with Dundee Angling Club, Birkhill Angling Club and Perth Angling Club.  Members  are also invited to the annual Inter City Match and take part in the National Championship

There is an Annual Dinner and Prize Giving in January each year at which we celebrate the season’s achievements and anticipate the new season An enjoyable social occasion where guests are very welcome.

Our Annual General Meeting is held in February when the new Office Bearers and Committee are elected and membership applications are considered