2019 Outings/Results

Competitions 2019

1 Monikie         27th March Day

2 Rescobie       3rd April Day

3 Stenhouse     17th April Day

4 Lintrathen      8th May Day

5 The Lake        22nd May Day

6 Monikie         5th June Evening

7 Rescobie       19th June Evening

8 Monikie         3rd July Evening

9 Stenhouse     17th July Day

10 Frandy          31st July Day

11 The Lake       21st August Day

12 Frandy          4th September Day

13 Monikie        18th September Day

Interclub Rescobie 10th June Evening

Perth Match The Lake 28th August Day

1st Outing Monikie 27th March Day

After a long but not very cold winter it was good to get back on the water There was a good turnout ,15 members The weather was good; west wind about 12 mph and sunny periods I was fishing with Bruce Martin and on the way out we saw a fish rising just out from the boat pier which was duly noted and we started our first drift between the first island and the jetty but quickly moved to between the two islands as advised by the bailiff along with most others and immediately people were into fish First fish of the season was ( I think ) Roddy Mackay. Bruce was on a Intermediate with lures and I had decided to use a sink tip with a black and green tadpole, cormorant and viva and soon I had a fish on the tadpole and Bruce lost one I then had two in quick succession and Bruce got one There seemed to be a main group of fish in one specific area and eventually the fish were spooked so we decided to move back to the area out from the boat pier and on approaching we saw rising fish (unfortunately Ed Brown and Doug had the same idea ) However we were quickly into fish again and Bruce soon had his fourth one and it was a cracker ( 3lbs 9ozs ) and I lost a good one Ed and Doug were catching as well So by lunch  I had my five and then fished a single fly At lunch it seemed that we and Alan and Roddy had done well and most others had fish John McDougall had a good one which when weighed tuned out to be 5lbs 2ozs Ed provided the usual refreshment and Roddy’s sloe gin was very nice too! The pm session was a bit quieter but Bruce soon had his fifth We then tried between the islands again but the wind was freshening so we moved back up to the west dam wall area and got fish between the two draw off towers The total catch was 47 fish for 90lbs 14ozs Winner was John Mcdougall 5 for 13lbs, Bruce was second and John had the heaviest fish.J. McDougall 27.03.19  John’s big fish caught on a Kate McLaren

Next outing is Rescobie 3rd April Day

Andrew Robertson

2nd Outing Rescobie 8th April Day

This outing was supposed to be on the 3rd but for the 2nd year running was postponed due to adverse weather This Monday was looking a lot more promising There was an east wind about 10mph with a mix of sunny spells and cloud George and I set up with intermediates and various lures and set off for the Condor End along with another 2 of our boats First bad decision of the day as unusually there didn’t seem to be any fish there so we moved down towards the islands as we saw a single angler take 2 fish there and then had a long drift down the Green Bank to Doc’s Corner and across towards the church by which time it was lunchtime and not an offer was had

It seemed that most people were struggling  (Alan and Ed Fullerton had a couple each )except one boat ( not one of ours ) at the islands which seemed to be doing well Alan reckoned they were fishing deep So after lunch George and I headed to that area to the north of the islands and set the anchor and I changed to a DI5 sweep and on Alan’s advice changed my pink Fab for an orange one and put a Dancer Booby on the point while George stuck with his Intermediate This other boat was still there and still sconing fish so we persevered and about 3 o’clock I finally got a decent fish on the Fab The wind was strengthening now a little Then George got a fish but lost it We moved closer to the islands and I then got a good pull and this fish took line and eventually succumbed –  a good fish Then George hooked and lost another good fish

The club had 13 fish for 35lbs 10ozs A hard day! First was Ed Fullerton with 4 fish for 11lbs 5ozs second was myself with 2 for 7lbs 3ozs including the best of the day at 4lbs 6ozs Next outing is at Stenhouse on 17th April Day

IMG_3879IMG_3880 LoIMG_3895 My good trout (on an Orange Fab)

Andrew Robertson

3rd Outing Stenhouse 17th April Day

Always a pleasure to fish here The staff are very welcoming with Tea or Coffee before you go out and at lunchtime and it provides good quality top of the water sport Conditions were ok, a bit of cloud cover but the east wind was a bit too strong However us anglers are eternal  optimists so we set out full of hope There seemed to be an even split  some boats went to the west end others including Jim D and I , Ed F and Jim B and Alan and Vic went east Jim and I set up with Midge/Sink Tips, myself with a Green and Black Nomad and two buzzers and Jim with his usual nymphy things We anchored between the Island and the point on the north shore. 2nd or 3rd cast I had an offer then next cast a fish on the nomad We progressed towards the island in stages and about 10 .30 I got another on the same lure Jim had a couple of offers but they didn’t stick Most of the boats from the west end came back to fish around the island where there was some shelter I had another couple of offers before lunch

At lunch in the cosy fishing bothy it seemed that fish were hard to get Ed Fullerton and Jim Bennet were best boat with 2 each ( they were fishing close in to the reeds up in the northeast bay ) Alan had a couple, the others had struggled

After lunch Ed and Jim B and myself and Jim D set off back to the same areas along with most others Ed Fullerton soon had his limit followed by Jim Bennet. Jim D and I changed some flies Jim put on a black and green lure and I replaced my buzzers with a cormorant and a peach fab At about 3oclock I got another fish on the nomad and Jim had some more offers and swirls to his flies but he was having one of those days when nothing would stick Eventually I got my 4th again on the nomad All my fish came in the same area and all on the top as soon as the lure hit the water. Ed and Jim were the best boat with 4 each followed by Alan and Vic with 4+3

The club had 27 fish for 57lbs 9ozs The winner was Vic with 4 for 10lbs 1oz including the heaviest at 3lbs 14ozs,  second was Jim Bennet with 4 for 9lbs 3ozs Next outing is at Lintrathen on 8th May Day

facebook pictures DWEAC setting out at Stenhouse (photo courtesy of Stenhouse Facebook page)

Stenhouse April 2019DWEAC (7)[2077] Gordon Muir with a Stenny Troot (On an Ally McCoist, tied by myself)

Andrew Robertson




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