2018 Outing Results

Competitions 2018

1 Monikie                    28th March Day

2 Rescobie                  4th April Day

3 Linlithgow               18th April Day

4 Lintrathen               9th May Day

5 Lake of Menteith   23rd May Day

6 Monikie                   6th June Evening

7 Rescobie                 20th June Evening

8 Monikie                   4th July Evening

9 Stenhouse              18th July Day

10 Frandy                   8th August Day

11 Lake of Menteith 22nd August Day

12 Frandy                   5th September Day

13 Monikie                 19th September Day

Interclub Rescobie    11th June Evening

Perth Match Lake of Menteith 29th August Day

1st Outing Monikie 28th March Day

Much anticipation for the 1st outing as the weather was better than it has been; West wind, not too strong and a bit of cloud cover Pleasant in the sun! Jim Bennett and I tried drifts between the two nearest islands and Jim soon had two fish whereas I couldn’t manage a touch At lunchtime it became apparent that fish were very hard to come by Things didn’t improve in the pm but Jim winkled out another one late on It would appear that the large number of cormorants before the season opened had taken a lot of fish! We had 18 fish for 34lbs 10 ozs the worst return for the 1st outing for a while The winner was Jim Bennett with 3 fish for 5lbs 13 ozs; 2nd was Stuart Thom with 2fish for 4lbs 7ozs Heaviest fish went to Ed Fullerton 2lbs 8ozs and the 1st fish of the season was caught by John McDougall at 09.35 A hard day Hopefully Rescobie will be better on 4th April

Andrew Robertson

2nd Outing Rescobie 4th April Day

See above!!! Some of the more optimistic of us actually went to Rescobie Outing postponed to 2nd May It was snow/sleet and the forecast was for that all day and it was! Next outing is to Linlithgow on 18th April and the forecast is much better

Andrew Robertson

3rd Outing Linlithgow 18th April Day

A much better day weather wise southish wind with a bit of warmth and some cloud cover Jim D and I went across to the West Point and before I had my line in the water Jim was into a fish which he netted (on a Kate) good start However the wind got stronger and this made it difficult to fish a lot of the water especially down the motorway side The fish were well spread out so we then tried in the gasworks bay and I lost a fish and then got a good one and Jim got another decent fish At lunch it had obviously been hard going with mainly ones and twos Vic provided some good whisky and we set out again The pm proved just as hard going At the weigh in there were only two limits Alan Stewart was the winner with 4 for 10lbs2ozs and Ed Brown was 2nd only 1oz less Heaviest was myself 4lbs exactly Total catch was 20 fish for 52lbs7ozs Best methods were midge tips with a variety of flies buzzers/nymphs/boobies Next up is Rescobie for the rearranged outing on 2nd May

Andrew Robertson 

Rearranged 2nd Outing Rescobie 2nd May Day

The weather forecast was not too bad light rain clearing around lunchtime with light winds which proved correct(ish) The carpark chat was that it had been stocked on Tuesday so hopes were high John McD and I decided to start in the carpark bay and right away I was getting offers and then got 4 fish in an hour ( I know unusual for me ) John was into fish too but none of them would stick Some members were fishing from the church along the road shore but when Bruce Martin some 100 metres ahead started getting fish he soon had company and lots of fish were being netted Gordon and Ed were doing well in front of us with double hook ups I had one of those purple patches when I was into fish without even retrieving while John continued to hook and then lose them or get broken and in fact we both lost flies or bits of our cast to vicious takes( and we were using 10/11 lbs fluoro ) At lunch time it was apparent that most of us had done well especially between 9.30 and 12.00 In the pm things quietened down the fish were probably now a bit more cautious but John eventually got one to stick We then had a drift from the church along the road shore and again both lost good fish At the weigh in it was apparent that we had had a good day The total catch was 46 fish for 125lbs 2ozs with many fish returned Best lines were D I 3 or inters/ midge tips and black and green lures/various blobs or fabs The winner was Alan Stewart with 4 for 13lbs 6ozs 2nd was Vic with 4 for 12lbs 10ozs and Vic also had the heaviest fish at 4lbs 11ozs  Alan and Ed Brown both had good brownies Next outing is Lintrathen on 9th May

Andrew Robertson

4th Outing Lintrathen 9th May Day

Weather forecast was correct Fair and good breeze to start with rain after 2.30 Most boats went to the Sawmill end but 2 or 3 of us tried the Rhodies end and very quickly Bruce and Ed Brown and Jim D had fish close in but then nothing Calum Walker and I did not get a touch and we then tried a long drift past Smart’s Bay up to the Island with still nothing Then at lunch both of us realised we had left our lunch in the car so back to the harbour but we gathered it had been a hard session for most So we decided to stay up at the west end and eventually Calum got a fish, a Blue and we both lost fish and then I managed to get a couple Intermediates and black mini lures did the trick After the rain came and the wind increased that was that Apart from two fours the rest of us struggled Inter lines and lures seemed to work best Total catch was 21 fish for 40lbs 8ozs First was Doug Grimmond with 4 for 8lbs and 2nd was Bruce Martin with 4 for 7lbs 10ozs Heaviest fish was taken by John McDougall at 2lbs 9ozs Next outing is The Lake on 23rd May

Andrew Robertson

5th Outing  Lake of Menteith 23rd May Day

Outings to the Lake are always eagerly anticipated As J D says you expect to catch there Weather was as forecast overcast and slightly cool am and the sun splitting the skies pm Ed Brown and I started off at Lochend and tho there were fish showing we couldn’t tempt them until I got one on the Cortland blue and a red head Diawl After 11.30 we moved into Kates Brae and right away saw Doug and Gail get fish and as we passed another boat they said there are a lot of fish here and there were I soon had another two, on a Grey Boy buzzer and a Candy Booby and Ed got one on the midge tip They were smaller fish tho Then it was lunchtime and it seemed that most people were struggling except Alan and Doug who had four each PM we went across to Sandy Bay and in the calm fish were moving and Soon Ed got two at once I tried dries for a while but they were not small enough Very small midges were hatching but about size 22 and there were a few mayflies too the sun then appeared and soon it was total blue skies and a blue do for us From then on we didn’t see a fish being caught even by the osprey We tried the Plantation and eventually Hotel Bay Total for the day was 22 fish for 54lbs 14 ozs First was Doug Grimmond with 4 for 10lbs 4ozs including the heaviest at 3lbs 11ozs and Alan Stewart was 2nd with 4 for7lbs 8ozs Next outing is the first evening session at Monikie on 6th June

Andrew Robertson

6th Outing Monikie 6th June Evening

The weather was very bright and sunny but with a cool east wind not good conditions and tho it had been stocked on the 26th May fish were hard to come by Roddy Mackay and I opted to fish out in the middle and the rest of the boats were well spread out Not a lot of fish to be seen on top but Roddy got one early on a cormorant/ DI3 line and I had a few pulls on the same line At about 8.30 both of us had fish playing with the flies but not taking and then I got one on a Cat Booby we then tried beside the second island and Roddy got another again on the cormorant We thought that when the sun set we would see a rise but it was last gasp and it was to caenis We had 16 fish for 30lbs 11ozs and first was George Potts with 3 for 6lbs 12ozs including the heaviest at 3lbs 4ozs 2nd was John McDougall with 3 for 5lbs 8ozs Next outing is Rescobie on the evening of 20th June

Andrew Robertson

Interclub at Rescobie Evening 11th June 

We had a very nice High Tea at Chapter&Verse beforehand Only Dundee and Dundee West End as Birkhill couldn,t raise a team A better night for fishing with a light east breeze and good cloud cover Alan Tragham and I decided to fish at the north east side of the island as we saw a few fish rising and both of us were fishing Inter lines and a combination of Boobies/Red head Damsel with cormorants and Kates Alan got an early pull and then a decent fish We then tried further up into the Condor End and Alan got another good fish and I got one  and then the fish went off the feed It was a hard night We had a total of 21 fish for 45lbs 9ozs and the winning team was Dundee (again) with 10 for 23lbs 9 ozs and the winner of the Tankard for the heaviest basket was Ed Brown with 4 for 7lbs 4ozs

Andrew Robertson

7th Outing Rescobie Evening 20th June

Hopes were high as there had been a recent stocking of fish from Welham Park whose fish are always of good quality There was a coolish east breeze and good cloud cover so Jim D and I set off to the far end of the Green Bank; ( most of the others seemed to head for the Condor End )and we spent a fruitless hour or so there and then an equally fruitless half hour drifting from the reedy islands to the north bank and then tried the same drift at the beginning of the Condor End whereupon we started getting offers Jim lost a very good fish and all his cast and then the same happened to me and then I got one on a red headed Damsel Then the wind got stronger and changed to the west and the fish went off a bit Over the next 2 hours I managed 3 more but Jim couldn’t buy a fish Another couple of boats seemed to be catching up at the far end and Vic and Dennis did well at the kirk end of the main basin I haven’t got a note of the total catch but the winner was Gordon McKay with 4 for 11lbs 11ozs and he also had the heaviest fish at 4lbs, second was Ed Brown with 4 for 6lbs 9ozs Next outing is Monikie on the evening of 4th July

Andrew Robertson

8th Outing Monikie Evening 4th July

Well this report won’t take long Air temperature approx 70 F; Water warmer, perfect for a bath Sunny for the 1st hour then good cloud cover until the last hour I caught a fish on a DI5/Ally McCoist at 6 o’clock in deeper water which weighed in at 2lbs; Ed Brown caught one on his last cast near the first island which weighed 2lbs 8ozs Result 4 for 4lbs 8ozs Cost per fish £160 Too be fair we didn’t expect to catch many given the conditions and there were some risers in the last hour Next outing is Stenhouse (Day) on the 18th July

Andrew Robertson

9th Outing Stenhouse Day 18th July

What’s this was the cry as we tackled up RAIN! However it cleared by 10 00 and it was back to sun with some cloud cover during which the fish were quick to show Vic and I tried at the shallow west end but the fish were right at the edge of the weed so we moved to the middle (drifting seemed to be the best option) and soon we had 5 fish between us and others seemed to be doing well Roddy I believe had his limit by 10.30 and Ed B had 3 before lunch At lunch it seemed that the fish were well spread out As usual we were well looked after by John and his wife (tea/coffee and cake etc) In the pm some of us stalled but others especially Peter did very well Midge tips or floaters with small diawl bachs and crunchers were the best method with Fabs also working We caught 32 fish for 70lbs 14ozs The winner was Roddy Mackay with 4 for 9lbs 7ozs including the heaviest at 2lbs12ozs , second was Vic Webster with 4 for 9lbs Next outing is at Frandy (Day) on 8th August and for those involved The Intercity is at The Lake on 1st August (Day)

Andrew Robertson

10th Outing Frandy Day 8th August

Frandy has been one of our better venues for a few seasons and this outing was proof The forecast was for SW wind 11 to14 mph all day but in the am it was southish and not as strong as that with a bit of cloud cover Ed Brown had seen a few fish moving around the harbour so we had a go there but did not get any interest so we tried a drift across from the middle to the north shore and soon I got a fish on a sink tip and a small Kate and then another on an Ally McCoist Ed was on an intermediate but was not getting any offers until he changed to a midge tip and then he had one on a small black booby We then had a couple of drifts into the first burn and Ed lost a fish and I got another two on the same two flies  At lunch Ed Fullerton had his 5 and Dave Clark and Jim D who had been at the top end had 3 each on Dries but the others only had 1 or 2 After lunch the wind changed to a stiff south westerly and the sun came out so we had a shot at the top end to no avail and the a couple of drifts down the north bank where Ed picked up 2 more and I lost 2 We caught 34 fish for70lbs 8ozs Winner was Ed Fullerton with 5 for 11lbs 8 ozs including the heaviest at 2lbs 14 ozs and I was second with 4 for 9lbs Next outing is to the Lake; Day Outing on the 22nd August

Andrew Robertson

11th Outing Lake of Menteith Day 22nd August

Again the BBC forecast was rubbish I think I’ll rely on the YR Norwegian site It was more accurate this time and for the last outing to the Lake Conditions were very good to start, light west wind and some cloud cover Jim and I made for Gateside along with the majority of the boats  Jim with a midge tip and me with a sink tip and we were soon into fish Jim had one on a Montana and then another on the same fly I lost one at the net then got one on a Booby and before lunch Jim lost another At lunch most people were struggling a bit tho’ John McD had 4 and we had seen Alan and Peter get a few Pm the wind got up a bit and it was rather too bright which seemed to put the fish down  We went back to the west basin and tried a drift down the Malling Shore and then moved to the Plantation/ Heronry and I picked up a couple of fish on a Diawl Bach and the Booby For the last hour and a half we went back to Gateside and jim and I both lost fish on Inter lines As is often the case at the Lake we both could have done better The club had 24 fish for 55lbs 5ozs and the winner was Alan Stewart with 4 for 9lbs 14ozs Peter was second with 4 for 9lbs 13ozs and Ed Fullerton and Jim Bennett both had a fish of 3ls 2ozs The Perth Match is on 29th August at the Lake and the next outing is to Frandy Day on the 5th September

Andrew Robertson

12th Outing Frandy Day 5th September

We have done well at Frandy this season and today was to prove that Flat calm to start and then a nice ssw breeze with a bit of a ceiling Most boats went to the dam end and rods were soon bending however fishing pressure soon told and the fish went down except for the bank anglers who were pulling them out John McD and I then tried a few drifts on the north shore from the first bay with nothing to show for it So at lunch we had one each and most people were struggling except Ed Brown with four PM we decided to go to the top end along with Alan/Jim and Ed B/Gordon M and we were soon into fish from the top burn down to the rocky point Eventually John had five and myself four mostly on midge tip or inter and yellow dancers There were some ravens up there keeping an eye on us too!  The total catch was 37 fish for 74lbs 14ozs First was Ed Brown with 5 for 11lbs second was Roddy Mackay with 5 for 10lbs 8ozs and the heaviest fish was by Alan Stewart at 2lbs 6ozs Next outing is the last of the season at Monikie on 19th September Day How time flies the older you get!

Andrew Robertson

13th Outing Monikie Day 19th September

The last outing of the season already ! Doesn’t seem that long ago that we were eagerly looking forward to the first outing ! It was just a bit too windy to allow for fishing at the east side so most boats opted to fish in the areas on the lee side of the islands and straight off Peter got a fish on a sink tip and bibio and in about 40 minutes he had his limit and I managed a couple; all this was on the east side of the far away island After this good start there were too many boats there (or not enough fish) At lunch it seemed that some like us had done ok while others were struggling The fishing pm did not improve much; in truth most of us could have stopped at lunch The fish seemed to be on the top but unwilling to take; just a shade too much wind

The winner was Jim Donnelly ( his first of the season) with 4 for 6lbs 12ozs second was Ed Fullerton with 3 for 6lbs 7ozs including the heaviest at 3lbs 8ozs Total catch was ( I think) 20 fish for 31lbs Monikie has not fished well for us this year

Ed tells me that the champion this year is Alan Stewart and second is Ed Brown with 1 point less Well done both!! Thanks to all who fished this year and we all look forward to next season

Andrew Robertson







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