2017 Outings

2017 Outings

Monikie 29th March Day

Rescobie 12thApril Day

Linlithgow 26th April Day

Lintrathen 10thMay Day

Menteith 17th May Day

Monikie 7th June Evening

Stenhouse 21st June Evening

Monikie 5th July Evening

Stenhouse 19th July Day

Frandy 9th August Day

Menteith 23rd August Day

Lintrathen 6th September Day

Monikie 20th September Day

Interclub Rescobie 12th June Evening

Perth Match 3oth August Day




Outing Nr 1 Monikie 29th March

A dreich day A gentle east wind and cool Intermittent slight rain am and this became thick mist pm However as often happens we caught loads of fish By lunchtime most of us had our limit  caught mainly on Inter or D I 3 lines with black and green flies doing the business As the Island pond had been heavily stocked this was expected After lunch we only fished to 3.30pm as it became a pea souper Total catch was 65 fish for 132lbs 5 ozs Winner was myself with 5 for 11lbs 10 ozs including the heaviest fish a rainbow of 4lbs 7 ozs  Second was George Potts with 5 for 11lbs 6 ozs First fish of the season was taken by Ed Brown at 9.34 Average weight  was 2 lbs 1oz with approx. another 50 fish returned Next outing is Rescobie on12th April

Andrew Robertson

Outing Nr 2 Rescobie 12th April

A very windy day from the west about 20 mph plus stronger gusts The only sheltered areas were round the trees in the south west corner , along the road side and at the north side of the Condor End which is where most of us went Most caught their fish before lunch as it became even gustier in the pm  If we had been unable to anchor we wouldn’t have caught many When Ed Brown and I anchored right at the bottom end at Condor we actually started to ship water Ed caught a fish there but it was time to go elsewhere Given the conditions we did OK Total catch was 30 fish for 71lbs 15 ozs Winner was Alan Stewart with 4 for 11lbs 8 ozs Second was John McDougall with 4 for10 lbs  Heaviest fish was taken by John a rainbow of 4 lbs 8 ozs Next outing is Linlithgow on 26 th April

Andrew Robertson

Sorry about the lack of info recently and the abbreviated form; Due to ill health


Outing Nr 3 Linlithgow 26th April


Good conditions gentle wind and some cloud cover A total catch of 39 fish for 92lbs 13ozs Winner was Alan Stewart with 5 fish for 14lbs 5ozs Second was George Potts with 5 for 11lbs 2ozs Third was Vic Webster with 5 for 10lbs 6ozs

Andrew Robertson


Outing Nr 4 Lintrathen 10th May


A reasonable day weather wise Total catch was 27 fish for 54lbs 6ozs Winner was Doug Grimmond with 4 fish for 8lbs 3ozs Second was Alan Stewart with 4 for 8lbs 2 ozs Third was Dennis Watterson with 4 for 8lbs

Andrew Robertson

Outing Nr 5 Lake of Menteith 17th May

Nice weather steady breeze from north west with intermittent cloud cover Lots of fish showing but not easy to get Total catch was 40 fish for 91lbs winner was Alan Stewart with 4 fish for 11lbs 6ozs Second was Ed Brown with 4 for 10lbs 4ozs Third was Jim Donnelly with 4 for 9lbs 13ozs

Andrew Robertson

Outing Nr 6 Monikie 7th June

The first evening outing this year Steady WNW wind with a bit of cloud cover A difficult night Most of us struggled especially yours truly ( lets blame it on me only having one good eye just now) The winner was Ed Fullerton with 5 fish for 8lbs 4ozs Second was Dave Leiper with 5 for 1oz less  and the heaviest fish was caught by Peter Grant Next outing is the Interclub on 12th June evening at Rescobie followed by Stenhouse evening on 21st June

Andrew Robertson

Interclub at Rescobie 12th June

As usual we all met for a splendid high tea at Chapter & Verse and then fished at Rescobie A bit too windy at first but conditions improved and a goodly number of fish were taken The winners for the second year running were Dundee with 18 fish for 45lbs 12ozs second were Dundee West End with 19 fish for43lbs 1ozs and third were Birkhill with 8 fish for16lbs 15ozs Heaviest basket was taken by Jim Donnelly with 4 for11lbs 12ozs

Andrew Robertson

Outing Nr 7 Stenhouse 21st June

Conditions were not too promising with thunder and lightning forecast and it duly obliged rumbling away in the distance at first but it eventually arrived overhead and we had to stop for a while till it passed (didn’t want to get frazzled) and things settled down after that I think it put the fish off for a time Wind was eastish with good cloud cover and some fish rising Midge tip or sink tip lines with flies varying from Dries to Blobs were the tactics The winner was Gordon McKay with 4 fish for 8lbs 8 ozs and yours truly was second with 4 for 8lbs 1ozs  Heaviest fish were caught by Gordon and Jim Donnelly at 2lbs 7ozs Total catch was 22 fish for 44lbs 13 ozs Next outing is Monikie on 5th July


At mid season a familiar name is leading in the championship Alan Stewart followed by Vic Webster, Gordon McKay, Ed Brown, Jim Donnelly, myself, Georgg Potts, John McDougall, Doug Grimmond and Dave Leiper

Andrew Robertson






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