2016 outings

Monikie                30th March              Day

Rescobie              13th April            Day

Linlithgow            27th April            Day

Lintrathen            11th May             Day

Lake of Menteith 18th May             Day

Monikie                  8th June             Evening

Stenhouse             22nd June            Evening

Monikie                  6th July                Evening

Rescobie                 20th July            Evening

Frandy                     3rd August         Day

Lake of Menteith   24th August       Day

Lintrathen              7thSeptember  Day

Monikie                   21st SeptemberDay

Rescobie(Interclub)13th June          Evening

Lake of Menteith  Perth Match        31st August Day


1st Outing Monikie 30th March Day

Good day weather wise with a light west wind and some cloud cover after overnight frost ; it was very bright at first ; fairly clear water.  We had 16 members out on the Island Pond; a good turnout. As there had been no more stockings since  before opening day and it had been well fished and a lot of fish had been caught and released. I expected the fishing to be good but not easy and so it proved (well for some of us) The first fish was caught at 9.37 by Alan Stewart and at lunchtime there were already two limits but also quite a few blanks. John McD and I h. Jim D and I tried off the south end of the islandad 3 each mainly on inter lines and lures. In the PM conditions were much the same and some of us did well. D I 3’S and  Inters seemed to do the business with various lures, black and green nomads, red headed damsels, white and yellow tadpoles and boobies. The winner was Alan Stewart with 5 for 12lbs 6ozs, 2nd was Doug Grimmond with 4 for 12lbs 2ozs and Doug had the heaviest fish at 4lbs 11ozs. Total catch was 42  for 99lbs 9ozs. Next outing is to Rescobie on13th April.

Andrew Robertson

2nd Outing Rescobie 13th April Day

The weather was cold with a moderate north east wind—- not good fishing conditions. Thirteen brave anglers ventured out, initially in the rain, which fortunately soon went off. For most of us fish were hard to come by. Some boats stayed in the main basin, some went straight to the Condor End. Jim D and I tried off the south end of the island for about an hour, an hour wasted and then went up to Condor and right away Jim got an offer and then a fish closely followed by one for me, a nice brownie and we thought we had cracked it and we saw Ed and Alan get fish too but that was it for Jim and I. We later found out that Ed and Alan had already had a few fish. In the pm things did not improve for most of us although Peter got a couple. DI 3s and black and  green lures seemed to have been best. Jim and I tried buzzers on midge tips for a time as there were load of house martins feeding but with no success. The winner once more was Alan Stewart with 4 for 11lbs 12ozs, 2nd was Ed Fullerton with 3 for 7lbs 12oz and Peter Grant was 3rd with 3 for7lb 4ozs. Alan had the heaviest fish, 4lbs and our total was 16 for 41lbs 4ozs; a good weight but I’m sure most of us would rather have had more smaller fish. Next outing is to Linlithgow on the 27th April, in the shadow of Mary Queen of Scots birth place, a beautiful setting, which I hear is fishing well.

Andrew Robertson

3rd Outing Linlithgow 27th April Day

Boy were we lucky with the weather given what it was like the days either side of Wednesday. A bit cool but there was a nice bit of cloud cover after a bright start Most boats including the locals (which is always a good sign) fished in the main basin and with a north west wind those on the drift were heading towards the castle Very soon almost everyone was into fish and they were good ones too; at lunch there were already some limits Thanks to Vic for a nice wee dram to help the banter along. PM was just as good and by the finish it was clear that it had been a very good day as it usually is at this well stocked and well run fishery. Tactics for most were inter or DI3 lines and various lures ; nomads, cormorants, tequila blobs and boobies. Another win for Alan Stewart with 5 fish for 15lbs 8ozs, 2nd was Dave Leiper with 5 for 14lbs 4ozs  and Vic Webster had the heaviest fish at 5lbs 8ozs Total catch was 46 fish for 133lbs 5 ozs. Next outing is Lintrathen on the 11th May.

Andrew Robertson

4th Outing Lintrathen 11th May Day

This outing was cancelled as the bailiff said it was too windy to let us out Had it been a national heat it would have gone ahead but better to err on the side of caution Next outing is to The Lake on the 18th May Looking forward to some buzzer sport

Andrew Robertson

5th Outing Lake of Menteith Day

Always an eagerly anticipated outing. The day started off calm with some cloud cover and plenty of fish rising around the shallows and inside Reedy poin,t but they were difficult to tempt.  A nice breeze got up nearer lunchtime and there were a few heavy showers later. Ed Brown thought they were feeding on small greenish flies about, size 18, of which I had none, of course. Ed managed to tempt a couple before lunch on a greenwell type fly and I had one ( the smallish fish in the Lake  I think ) on a size 14 Grey Boy buzzer, both on sink tip lines. George Potts and Jim D seemed to have sussed it tho’ ,and over lunch George said that they were on floaters and nymphs/ buzzers. The rest were finding it as frustrating as Ed and I. PM we tried the same area for a while and then went across to the Plantation/ Heronry area where there were also a lot of fish of a bit larger size and Ed and I  got a further two each on Diawl Bachs and  Grey Boy buzzers on floaters. At the weigh in it appeared that it had been an OK day, but I had the feeling that we all should have done better,  given the numbers of rising fish. We had 35 fish for 73lbs and the winner was Ed Brown with 4 for9lbs 15ozs, 2nd was Alan Stewart with 4 for 9lbs. Peer Grant had the heaviest fish at 3lbs 1oz. Next outing is the 1st evening one at Monikie on 8th June.

Andrew Robertson

6th Outing Monikie 8th June Evening

Apologies for the late update

I was a bit concerned that this outing might prove to be a difficult outing as the weather had changed to a thundery sort and also it was further away from the last stocking and so it turned out The wind was eastish but not too strong with some cloud cover Jim Bennett and I tried around Swan Island for a bit and then moved to a drift from the Craigton Bank towards Cormorant Island and Jim picked up two fish here on an inter line and small wets We then moved back to Swan Island and Jim got another one while I couldn’t get a touch and I started changing lines and flies which is always fatal Then in the last hour we tried drifts from Cormorant Island to Elsie’s Corner and I had my only offer of the night and I got broken on the take; such is life We had 22 fish for 44lbs and the winner was Peter Grant with 5 for 12lbs 9ozs and the heaviest fish at 4lbs 4ozs ;not bad on your 89th birthday Next outing is Stenhouse on 22nd June Evening

Adrew Robertson

7th Outing Stenhouse Evening 22nd June

Our 2nd ever visit to Stenhouse and after a couple of showers it turned out to be a fine evening with a light westerly and some cloud cover Some of the members were getting excited seeing so many fish rise just out from the boat dock but Dave and I set off for the road end where there was just one other boat and we started getting offers right away; but it took a wee while to get our first fish  By 5.30 I had 4 and Dave soon followed me. Inters and midge tips were the lines and early on the fish were taking deer hair sedges but when the wind died we were both taking them on red/orange blobs and fabs The fish were just sub surface and there were lots of them. The winner was Dennis Watterson with 4 for 15lbs 8ozs and he also had the heaviest fish, a beauty of 7lbs 15ozs; 2nd was Dave Leiper with 4 for 9lbs 14 ozs and the total catch was 41 fish for 101lbs. Next outing is Monikie on the evening of 6th July

Andrew Robertson

8th Outing Monikie Evening 6th July

A bit blustery at first but Jim Donnelly ad I started in Elsie’s Corner drifting down to Cormorant Island and I was soon into a fish and so we tried the same drift and I got another and then we tried the other side of the island and I got another all on Cat Boobies on a Midge Tip while Jim couldn’t get a touch  Then the wind died and things went quiet for an hour and then positions were reversed and Jim got 3 fish quickly and I couldn’t get anything and then at last gasp I got one on a deer hair sedge. Others didn’t fare so well except for Alan Stewart who was the winner with 5 fish for 8lbs 14ozs and I was 2nd with 4 for 8lbs. Total catch was 27 fish for 51lbs. Next outing is to Rescobie on 20th July Evening

Andrew Robertson


9th Outing Rescobie Evening 20th July

Light winds but thunder was in the air.15 rods were eagerly anticipating this outing. Would this be the good Rescobie or the bad one. I thought that the thunder would make it difficult and so it proved. Vic and I fished near the church for most of the evening as did most others and Vic had 2 fish early on and got a third late on but after the wind changed from west to east the fish seemed to disappear. The winner was Ed Fullerton with 3 good fish  from the Condor End for 10lbs 8ozs on a silver cormorant and 2nd was Dave Leiper with 3 for 8lbs 8ozs on a black & green nomad Alan Stewart had the heaviest fish at 4lbs 12ozs A good evening for some but unfortunately 8 blanks. Next outing is Frandy on 3rd August Day

Andrew Robertson

10th Outing Frandy Day 3rd August

The forecast said heavy rain for most of the day and as this venue is high up in the Ochil Hills that did not bode well. However it turned out not nearly as bad with a fine breeze from the west and showers tho there was a spell of heavy rain in the PM I was on my own and along with Jim D and Ed Brown went up to the far end and spent too long there. No fish!! so I went down to the  mid way area and got a fish close in to the north shore opposite the harbour. At lunch some had 3 or 4 fish  but most were struggling. Fortified by Vic’s generous supply of Tomatin Malt we went back out with renewed hope and for most the afternoon was a bit better with those who did well in the am not catching and vice versa; I got 3 more with a decent Brownie taking a size 14 Kate McLaren and the Rainbows all taking a Cat Booby  I think most people fished midge tips or inters with flies varying from blobs and boobies to traditional wets We had 31 fish for 46lbs . 1st was Gordon McKay with 5 for 8lbs 1oz and I was 2nd with 4 for 8lbs including the heaviest fish at 2lbs 14ozs. A better outcome than promised for most given the conditions and it was good to meet up with members of the Midlothian Club from Edinburgh. Next outing is to The Lake on 24th August Day.

Andrew Robertson

11th Outing Lake of Menteith Day 24th August

A glorious day at The Lake, sunny but with a lovely corduroy ripple from a south west wind of about 6 to 8 mph and late pm a wee bit of hazy cloud cover. George Potts and I had decided that having fished the Lake for the last couple of weeks we would head to the cages asap. Some went to Lochend and the Road Shore/International Bay and others to Reedy Point.  Having set up with Midge tip and Cortland blue lines, George with a Hulk on the point and me with a Cat Booby on the point we started off about 70/80 yards out from Portend Burn. First cast both of us had fish swirl at our flies without taking and by 11.45 we both had our 4 fish mainly to the Booby or Fab. Great mornings fishing! At lunch it appeared that we had done better than most but we shared our knowledge and PM most of us got some more fish. The winner was Gordon McKay and Peter Grant was second and also had the heaviest fish Next outing is to Lintrathen 7th September Day My how the season has flown by

Andrew Robertson

Perth Match Menteith Day 31st August

A great day was had by all with a meal after at the Lion & Unicorn Perth won with 18 fish for 43lbs 10ozs; we caught 16 fish for 40lbs 7ozs; Ed Brown had the heaviest basket 4 for 10lbs 4ozs and Jim Mackie had the heaviest fish at 3lbs 8ozs

12th outing Lintrathen Day 7th September

Once more a glorious day south wind and a bit of cloud now and again. Dave and I made for the Rhodies, close in, but found soon that the fish were slightly further out and by lunch we had 3 in the boat and Dave in particular had lost a few. At lunch it seemed we had had done OK. In the PM we tried at Smarts Bay and both lost a fish and gradually made our way back t0 the western corner and the fish were still there along with a lot of perch and some small browns. I managed to winkle out 2 more and Dave managed to lose a few more. Midge tips or Inters seemed to work best and for us red head damsels; others had some success with small boobies. The winner was Bruce Martin with 4 fish for 8lbs 7ozs (and the heaviest at 2lbs 3ozs) all caught on dries followed by Doug Grimmond with 4 for 8lbs 5ozs. Total catch was 31 fish for 59lbs 14ozs. Next outing is the rearranged one; to be at Stenhouse on Wednesday 14th September Day.

Rearranged Outing at Stenhouse Wednesday 14th September Day

I was unable to attend this outing due to illness but I gather it was a day of coolish east wind with low cloud. Winner was Gordon McKay with 4 for 9lbs 5ozs, 2nd was Doug Grimmond with 3 for 8lbs 11ozs including the heaviest  at 4lbs 7ozs and the total was 16 fish for 37lbs. Next outing is the last for the season ( each successive season seems to pass quicker than the last, must be something to do with getting older ) at Monikie on Wednesday 21st September Day.




A couple of pics from Linlithgow

IMG_2188 (1024x768) IMG_2190 (1024x768)



1st Outing Monikie 1st April Day

Forecast wasn’t good and as usual bad forecasts tend to be correct. Frosty overnight and sunny at first with moderate west wind gradually strengthening to strong and cold. The water was very clear. Early season at Monikie is usually good with stockings of quality rainbows from Welham Park and today was no exception, although fish were difficult to come by in the A M. At lunch no one had more than 1 fish but a whisky from the President’s bottle cheered us all up. The wind was making things difficult. P M things improved. possibly helped by another stocking and fish were taken mainly from Elsie’s Corner and the shallow area between the islands. Best lines were Intermediates and D I 3’s with black and green lures. The joint winners were Alan Stewart and myself with 5 fish for10lbs 4ozs and Arthur Danskin had the heaviest fish at 2lbs 13ozs. Total catch was 29 fish for 59 lbs 5ozs Next outing is to Rescobie on 15th April

Andrew Robertson

2nd Outing Rescobie 15th April Day

Wind, from the west, was a bit fresh for this outing but there was a bit of cloud cover so hopes were high especially as the water was a bit clearer than the week before A few boats went up to the Condor End, myself included, as there had been a lot of fish caught there the previous week, but most of them must have been just that “”caught”” although Peter Grant and Jim Bennett did ok Peter managed to get 3 from the extreme end past the small casting platform The rest of the boats had been into fish right away in the area between the boat shed and the church At lunch I passed a member on my way in who had caught 7 on buzzers  at  the gap so in the pm I decided to fish just beyond the car park and as I dropped anchor an angler fishing from the bank caught one By now I had changed to a midge tip and 3 buzzers and fishing close to the shore lost 3 fish in quick succession before getting one in the net, a good brownie Some members were catching on inters and DI 3’s and lures so other methods were working The winner was Alan Stewart with 4 fish for 11lbs 12ozs Vic Webster was 2nd with 4 for 10lbs 15ozs and I had the heaviest a brownie of 4lbs 5ozs Total catch was 28 fish for71lbs 8ozs Next outing is Linlithgow on 29th April

Andrew Robertson

3rd Outing Linlithgow 29th April Day

Exactly the same sort of weather as we had at last years outing. A M was a bit squally and wet with a moderate west wind We were reduced to 3 boats as Peter and Jim D had a bit of a shunt on the way; both are OK but I believe the car is badly damaged. Only 6 fish by lunchtime including a good one for Alan. PM conditions improved gradually, the wind eased and it got a bit warmer and the fish which seemed to be concentrated in the bay between the pier and the castle came on the feed Some fish still came to lures on a DI3 but I got all mine on either a black or grey buzzer on an intermediate using a slow retrieve Winner once more was Alan Stewart with 4 fish for13lbs; 2nd was Dave Leiper 4 for 11lbs 2ozs.  Total 15 fish for 45lbs 6ozs Pity conditions hadn’t been as the PM all day Next outing is Lintrathen on 13th May

Andrew Robertson

4th Outing Lintrathen 13th May Day

A decent day weatherwise for a change; wind was light and variable eastish to start, with nice broken cloud and sunny spells. Most boats seemed to head to the shallow north west bay or the little pond areas, but Ed Brown and I went across to the Rhodies and found fish right away really close in and after Ed got the 1st fish I got a couple on a small Yellow Dancer. Ed changed to a similar fly and by lunch Ed had 4 and myself 3. At lunch we found that  good baskets had been caught in the shallow area between the Island and the Sawmill Bank and also the little pond, close in. So in the PM Ed and I fished this shallow area; wind was now south east and Ed was soon into more fish and eventually I followed suit after changing to a midge tip A good day’s sport was enjoyed by most of us, best lines were midge tips and intermediates with yellow dancers and similar flies. Winner once again was Alan Stewart with 4 fish for 8lbs, 2nd was Bruce Martin 4 for 7lbs 12ozs.Total 43 fish for 80lbs 15ozs No heaviest fish , we would have had to weigh every fish as they were all about the same weight. Next outing is The Lake on 20th May

Andrew Robertson

5th Outing Lake of Menteith 20th May Day

Always a keenly anticipated outing; as J D says at most venues you hope to catch, at the Lake you expect to catch. Weather was just a bit on the windy side, north north west, but with nice cloud cover and warm sunny spells. I had to fish on my own and our competition secretary was, as we set out, about to go under the surgeons knife in Ninewells. The Op went well I hear so we look forward to having you back Ed once you can drive again. Having spoken to bailliff Douglas before I went out he suggested around Sam’s Point so that’s where I went, the others went to various areas and Alan and Ed Brown did well at the Lochend area. I saw a lot of fish moving on the surface close in amongst the lily pads, where it was sheltered, and lost a couple early on before a change to a midge tip with buzzers fished almost static brought me success and by lunch I had 3 decent fish, the buzzers seemed to attract the better ones. Some of the others were finding it a bit tricky though. A small libation from my bottle of Bowmore soon encouraged everyone and we set out in the PM with renewed hope. Things proved a bit more difficult, though, the wind changed direction slightly and there were more boats in the Sam’s Point area. but George and Jim D seemed to be amongst the fish. I went for a tour of the Lake then and tried the Cages Bay and then International Bay and Shear Point but although there were a few fish they were difficult to entice. We finished with 22 fish for 51lbs 9ozs. Winner was myself with 4 fish for 10lbs 6ozs, 2nd was Ed Brown 4 for 8lbs 9ozs, heaviest fish was caught by Vic Webster 3lbs 6ozs. Next outing is the 1st evening one at Monikie  on 10th June.

Andrew Robertson

6th Outing Monikie 10th June Evening

First evening comp of the season and what do we get — “Sunbathing Weather.” It was wall to wall sunshine as we set off but with a nice breeze from the south east. Bailiff Alistair said that the day boats had reported that fish were still rising regularly tho’ and that proved to be right. Most boats seemed to head for the drifts over the shallow bank between the islands. Bob M and I tried a drift along the bank from the Craigton  Inn to opposite the eastmost island and then a drift over the shallow bank but nothing. We saw a few boats over at the road side, where it was fairly calm, so we tried there and I managed to winkle out 4 fish by 8 o’clock; the ladies there  were also in amongst the fish (on buzzers) but I was getting them on the Cortland Blue with Bin Ladens and Diawl Bachs, then the fish seemed to switch off for an hour so we and the other boats there went back to where we started ; by this time the wind had gone round to the northeast so it was sheltered there and Bob and I were soon both into fish. Some of our lads caught fish on a drift into Elsie,s Corner and Gordon  M had some from the 1st island towards the west dam. Stuart T and Alan caught most of their fish along the Craigton Bank area. Total catch 35 fish for 62lbs 2ozs. Winner was Gordon McKay with 5 for 8lbs 12ozs, and I was 2nd with 5 for 8lbs 10ozs, heaviest fish again taken by Vic Webster 2lbs 14ozs. Next club outing is at Glensherup on the evening of 24th June.

Andrew Robertson

Interclub 2015

The annual competition between Dundee West End, Dundee and Birkhill Angling Clubs was held at Rescobie on Monday evening of the 15th June preceded by high tea at Chapter & Verse, Forfar. Conditions were ideal with a gentle east wind and good cloud cover. The reports of good catches recently were borne out by results on the night . Most boats seemed to head for the area between the road and the corner of the Drimmie Bank with one or two nearer the Church. Floaters, Midge Tips and Inters seemed to be the lines that worked; with black and green flies, cormorants, diawl bachs , etc The winners were Dundee with 22 fish for 50lbs 9ozs, 2nd were Birkhill with 20 fish for 45lbs 10ozs and 3rd were Dundee West End with 15 fish for35lbs 4ozs; the heaviest basket was by Ken Giblin, 4 fish for 10lbs 13ozs. It was a very successful evening, a very nice tea followed by  some excellent fishing in good company. Thanks to all who took part and to Vic for his vote of thanks.

Andrew Robertson

7th Outing Glensherup 24th June Evening

A wet evening at Glensherup and the fish were up in the water but proved difficult to get. Again I was on my own and while most of the boats seemed to go to the shallow end I went across to the south bank and fished from the burn to the dam where the fish were very close in. I lost a good fish early on and I got two by 7.30 and another later , all on the midge tip and all on the yellow dancer booby. I was fishing the washing line with the booby and two buzzers. A lot of fish swirled at the booby but refused ; retrieve had to be slow or static. The fish at the shallow end were proving difficult too. Best lines were midge tips or floaters and small flies, buzzers ,nymphs or small wets; Jim Bennett got his on a size 14 Greenwell! Total catch was 18 fish for 37lbs 10ozs and the winner was Jim Donnelly with 4 for8lbs 4ozs, heaviest caught by Peter Grant 2lbs 9ozs and George Potts caught a decent brown. Next outing is Monikie 1st July evening. See you then!

Andrew Robertson

Photos from Glensherup and the Lake by George Potts 

Having finally worked out how to put photos on the outing reports, here are a couple + a couple more

DSC01291 (1024x768)DSC01340DSC01342DSC01288 (1024x768)

Cracking Photos, George. I didn’t have my camera on the boat at Glensherup but I saw that misty scene too!!!

Andrew Robertson

8th Outing Monikie 1st July evening

Forecast was for thunder and lightening and it was nearby but luckily didn’t affect us. At first there were lot of fish on the top and in groups in the area out from the two islands and some of us had 3 or 4 or 5 fish early and then they seemed to go  off for a  couple of hours and the wind changed from south east to north east and then went calm; one or two were caught at last gasp. Floaters and midge tips worked best with liquorice flies. We had 58 fish for 100lbs and the winner was Gordon McKay with 5 for 9lbs 5ozs,  second was Ed Brown with 5 for 9lbs 4ozs. Next outing is at Rescobie 22nd July evening

Andrew Robertson

9th outing Rescobie 22nd July evening

This time the forecast was correct; southwest wind and sunny periods. At first most boats seemed to concentrate on the area between the church and Doc Millers corner and there were fish there; Ed Fullerton and Alan Stewart were fishing the channel down the road side and bagged up early on boobies and lures .Bruce and I only managed one fish (on a cormorant/intermediate line) We tried along the Green Bank and then between the islands and the south side and Bruce lost a good fish and then got a good one on a humungous We then went back to out from the church and I got another  (on a cormorant/midge tip line) The wind then died down, Bruce switched to dries and he lost a fish Jim Bennett got his 3 fish on boobies. George Potts got his 4 also. Total catch was 28 fish for 77lbs 5ozs The winner was Alan Stewart with 4 fish for12lbs 5ozs including the heaviest at 4lbs 3ozs, 2nd was Ed Fullerton with 4 fish for10lbs 14ozs Next outing is to Frandy 5th August day

Andrew Robertson

10th Outing Frandy 5th August Day

Yet another day where the forecast turned out to be not as bad as feared. West wind, strength about right, cloudy, bit of rain early pm but otherwise ok. Ed and I and the two Jims went up to the top end and Ed and I had three fish by 12.30 on inters and boobies and at lunch we found that the others , down at the hut end, had mixed results some with none others two or three fish. There had been another stocking that morning so after lunch it was a bit like shooting fish in a barrel for about an hour until the fish got p—ed off and things got a bit more difficult. Boobies and Blobs were the killers on inters or midge tips. We had 40 fish for 93lbs 14ozs, the winner was Gordon McKay with 6 for 15lbs 2ozs, second was Alan Stewart with 6 for 14lbs 12ozs and the heaviest fish was caught by Vic Webster. Next outing is at The Lake on 26th August, Day.

Andrew Robertson

11th Outing Lake of Menteith 26th August Day

Good conditions for this outing, wind south east backing south west, good spells of cloud cover with a spell of rain in the am. Unfortunately the fish didn’t realise this and refused to cooperate, well , for some of us. Jim Bennett and I tried down at Lochend and Kate’s Brae in the am and there were fish showing  but we couldn’t tempt them; Jim Donnelly winkled out 4, however, but he was the only one we saw with a bent rod ( on midge tip and a booby plus nymphs) At lunch time the rain passed but most of us were struggling to catch. PM we tried Cages Bay and Squirrel Island, to no avail and then had a try on the Shallows and finally back to where we started. We tried midge tips, floaters, inters and D I 3’S and various lures and flies with only a couple of tentative plucks to show for all our efforts. The club caught 22 fish for 55lbs 8ozs. Jim Donnelly was the winner with 4 for 12lbs and had the heaviest fish at 4lbs 6ozs and John Mc Dougall was 2nd with 4 for10lbs 8ozs Next outing is at a new venue for us, Stenhouse, on 2nd September, Day, let’s hope for good conditions and plenty of fish.

Andrew Robertson

Match against Perth Anglers The Lake 2nd September Day

As always this match is keenly anticipated, as it is usually blessed with good weather and we were with good friends. We were well looked after in the Lion & Unicorn as usual and the banter was ,as  always, entertaining; Conditions were excellent, wind about 5 or 6 mph varying between south east and north east at first then settling at north north east with good cloud cover. The info I gleaned from Quint and Douglas was that there were good numbers of fish at Stable Point, The Malling Shore, The Heronry, Sam’s Point, Lochend and Shear Point, so, Jim Thomson and I decided to try just round the corner at Shear Point and we found a pod of fish at the south end as you turn into International Bay about 75 to 100 yards out and stayed there all day; caught loads of fish, me on a midge tip Jim on an inter, mainly on Candy Boobies or Cat Boobies but some fish came to Fabs, Dabblers, Cormorants and traditional wets such as Greenwells  Others were catching on small Cats and Blobs again on midge tips and inters. The result was close but a win for us with 21 fish for 58lbs 9ozs,Perth had 18 fish for 55lbs 10ozs. The heaviest basket was caught by Sandy Boag,  4 fish for 14lbs 1oz followed by Jim Donnelly with 4 for 12lbs 9ozs and Keith Doig with 4 for11lbs 14ozs. The heaviest fish was caught by myself at 4lbs 14ozs (see photos). A very enjoyable day and thanks to Jim Calderwood for organising the fishing and the meal etc.

IMG_1531 IMG_1530
Andrew Robertson

12th Outing Stenhouse 2nd September Day

The penultimate outing of the season, where did the season go! Stenhouse, being a new location for most of us, meant that we couldn’t rely on past experiences. The car park is right beside the water and there is a very comfortable bothy with a welcome stove in one corner, just the job for a chilly day The loch is situated in a fairly sheltered location ( see photos ) and  the weather was OK, a bit cool in the AM; with a southeast breeze and full cloud cover. The bailiff was very helpful and informed us of the likely best spots. The boats were well spread out to start with; Jim D and I went across to the south side opposite the island and we saw Dave L get an early fish there. I got one about 10.30 on a Tequila Fab  and then Jim got broken by a very good fish. Jim and I then got a fish each drifting towards the reeds at the corner next to the access road. Then Vic lost a fish of 5/6 lbs  close in below the wooded hill on the south side. At lunch it appeared that we had done better than most. A warm bothy always makes you reluctant to start again, how ever conditions were warming up slightly and 2 or 3 of us went back to that south side and I got another 2 fish. fairly close in. According to the regulars it was a difficult day. Most of the fish taken seemed to be on  midge tip or inter lines on Fabs or Cormorants. Jim Thomson from the Perth club, who is a regular, got a lovely big fish of about 10lbs which looked like a grilse. The club caught 19 fish weighing 45lbs 11ozs; winner was myself with 4 for 9lbs 6ozs, 2nd was Ed Fullerton with 3 for 7lbs 2ozs and the heaviest fish was 3lbs 3ozs caught by Peter Grant. Last outing of the season is to Monikie, 23rd Sept,Day.

IMG_1561 (1024x768) IMG_1562 (1024x768)

Andrew Robertson

13th Outing Monikie 23rd Sept Day

Last outing of the season and an excellent turnout. Thanks are due to Ed Fullerton for once more organising and running the outings and to all those who participated. The conditions were not ideal to start with, a cool southwest wind,  tho in the pm it got a bit warmer with some sunny periods . With boats well spread out and constantly changing areas it was a difficult day and at lunch not many fish were reported. There are plenty of fish in the water but general opinion among the members I spoke to was that they were either feeding on sticklebacks, one of my fish spewed up some, or snails. There were sporadic rises and the fish were close to the surface but difficult to tempt. Best lines were midge tip or intermediates and flies varied from cats to diawl bachs. Total catch was 30 fish for 56lbs 13ozs, better than seemed likely at lunch. The winner was Jim Donnelly with 4 for 7lbs 10ozs, 2nd was Vic Webster with 4 for 6lbs 8ozs. Looking forward to next season already!!

Andrew Robertson



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